An individual may be placed into Deportation or Removal Proceedings with the Immigration Court if he or she has been convicted of a crime. Depending on the nature of the conviction a person may also face mandatory detention and remain detained until they have presented and won their case. Criminal issues affect Lawful Permanent Residents, Non-Immigrant Visa holders and those individuals in the United States without legal status.

Not all criminal convictions lead to the Deportation or Removal of an individual from the United States. Furthermore, there are several waivers that exist through which a person may seek forgiveness from the Immigration Court. The representation of an individual can be very complicated and requires access to all documents and evidence that were presented in the Criminal Court Proceedings.

There are instances when the U.S. Government will accuse an individual of committing fraud or a misrepresentation in the process of obtaining or attempting to obtain an immigration benefit. These fraud allegations can be raised in Immigration Court, at a U.S. Embassy and even by USCIS. Fortunately, U.S. Immigration Law provides an individual with an opportunity to object to the accusation of fraud and misrepresentation. There are numerous waivers and procedures that have been created with which an individual can seek forgiveness for innocent and even willful misrepresentations.