Law Enforcement Visas




U Nonimmigrant Visas, or “U-visas”, are available to protect those persons in the United States who are victims of certain crimes (such as felonious assault, domestic violence, stalking, abusive sexual contact, etc.) which resulted in substantial mental or physical abuse.

Applicants must be willing to assist government officials in their investigation or prosecution of the person who committed the crime against them. An applicant’s willingness to assist can be certified by many government organizations including the Department of Labor, Administration for Children Services, judges, police offers or FBI officials and many more.


U-visa applicants may even be allowed to waive their own criminal or immigration violations, such as entering without inspection, accruing unlawful presence and/or fraud. While only 10,000 U-visas are granted yearly, after 3 years of maintaining U-visa status an applicant can apply for a green card. Let our attorneys help you decide if this is the right relief for your case.





T Nonimmigrant Visas, or “T-Visas”, are available to persons who are present in the United States due to trafficking. Applicants must have been the victims of a severe form of human trafficking, and can include both sex and labor trafficking. Applicants must also comply with any requests for assistance by law enforcement in the investigation or prosecution of human trafficking, with some exceptions.




S Nonimmigrant Visas, or “S-Visas”, are available to persons who assist law enforcement agencies as witnesses or informants. The law enforcement agency may submit a request for the S-Visa holder to adjust their status to that of a Lawful Permanent Resident.

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