Non-Immigrant Visas


There are a wide range of non-immigrant visas which allow foreign national to visit and in some cases obtain employment authorization in the United States. Most applicants seeking employment authorization in the U.S. must have a job offer from a sponsoring employer in the U.S. and must obtain the appropriate non-immigrant visa form of entry.

Exceptions to the employer sponsorship requirement typically require entrepreneurial investment under international treaties or self-sponsorship as an individual with extraordinary ability.


Non-immigrant visa status refers to the temporary nature of the individual’s stay in the U.S. and visa applicants may be required to establish their intent to return abroad at the end of the authorized temporary period of stay. Each visa category has specific restrictions and requirements governing the terms and conditions of the foreign national’s temporary stay.

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  • B-1 Temporary business visitor
  • B-2 Temporary tourist visitors
  • E Treaty traders/investors
  • F-1 Academic or language students
  • H1B Professional worker in a specialty occupation
  • H-2A Agricultural temporary worker
  • H-2B Non-agricultural temporary worker
  • H-3 Temporary trainee
  • J Exchange visitor
  • L Temporary intra/inter-company transferee
  • O Aliens of extraordinary ability *
  • P Internationally recognized athlete or entertainers
  • R Religious workers
  • TN NAFTA professional

*Ability to self-petition

Immigrant Visas


Every fiscal year (October 1st – September 30th), approximately 140,000 employment-based immigrant visas are made available to qualified applicants under the provisions of U.S. immigration law. Employment-based immigrant visas are divided up into five preference categories. Certain spouses and children may accompany or follow-to-join employment-based immigrants.


  • NIW National interest waiver
  • EB-1(a) Alien of extraordinary ability*
  • EB-1(b) Outstanding Professors/Researchers
  • EB-1(c) Multi-national manager or executive
  • PERM Labor certification
  • EB-2 Advanced degree/exceptional ability
  • EB-3 Professionals, skilled workers and others
  • EB-4 Special immigrants & religious workers
  • EB-5 Investor visa

*Ability to self-petition

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