Real Estate Practice Group

At UBA, we have an established, full-service Real Estate Practice Group, with financial, transactional and litigation expertise. Our staff works closely with brokers, accountants, and other financial advisors on matters involving both residential and commercial properties. We also represent institutional and private lenders in negotiating, structuring and documenting loan transactions.

UBA’s Real Estate Practice Group have structured and documented numerous purchases and sales of real property. These transactions have involved many diverse types of properties in the Greater New York area including commercial, condos, co-ops, as well as hotels, restaurants, and retail.


Our Firm’s involvement entails all aspects of the transaction, from the initial negotiation and preparation of documents through the financing, construction, and closing phases. We counsel all parties including developers, brokers, and investor clients in the acquisition process. We also advise our clients on ongoing matters relating to condo and coop projects including the creation, restructuring and interpretation of declarations of covenants, conditions and restrictions, and representation of developers, homeowners’ associations and boards in negotiations and disputes.

At UBA we handle:

  • Acquisition and Sale, Development and Construction
  • Financing
  • Leasing
  • Debt Financing and Lending
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Tax
  • Zoning and Land Use
  • Closings


Long Island City

As Long Island City’s premier law firm, we are heavily invested and committed to neighborhood development. Our mission is to advocate for development that benefits our community.

Long Island City is one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in New York and we are dedicated to making our neighborhood a better place for LIC residents to visit, live, and work. We work with local property owners to accomplish your goals and provide you with the legal counsel you need to succeed.



Matrimonial/Family Law

Our matrimonial and family law practice group works personally with clients to identifying their needs and expectations and counsels them on how family law can affect them. Our group covers settlement between spouses, custody, maintenance for spouses and children, drafting domestic contracts and separation agreements. We are skilled at advocating in our client’s best interest and take on even the most difficult cases.

We are hardworking diligent and capable of advocating in complex issues.

Family law is an extremely personal sensitive and complicated field that requires specific knowledge of the law, but also a strong relationship with the client. To properly evaluate any issue, a lawyer must take into account the emotional, financial and psychological effects that it can have on the client and his family. Our attorneys are trained to do what is best for you and your family in these delicate instances.



Estate Planning

“Preparing For Your Future”

Our experienced Estate Planning Practice Group advises clients regarding individual estate planning goals for their spouses, children, parents, businesses, alma maters, and charities. At UBA, we work to simplify and provide clarity on the complex principles of federal estate tax laws to achieve our client’s goals with minimum estate, gift, and property tax consequences.


Estate planning generally begins with the creation of a trust, wills, and durable powers of attorney for healthcare, directives, and financial management. Depending upon our client’s needs, we can also establish separate business entities and prepare insurance and trusts. Further, we help our clients reduce their taxable estate through lifetime gift planning, family limited partnerships or limited liability corporations, and use of various trusts.


At UBA we also help beneficiaries deal with the probate process. Our Estate Planning Practice Group assists clients with the court procedure necessary upon a family member’s death and to avoid its jurisdiction when appropriate. Our involvement includes obtaining court approval of complex sale transactions and resolution of will contests and other disputes involving the decedent’s estate. We also work closely with our Family Law Practice Group on other matters including conservatorship and guardianship proceedings and continuing court supervision of certain trusts.




Our Bankruptcy Practice Group is skilled at providing the best experience for its clients, allowing them to alleviate the burden of debt. Unable to keep up with your bills for whatever reason, working with a competent debt relief firm may be the right choice for you to get a fresh start on your financial future. At UBA, we can help alleviate the stress of repeat calls and letters from debt collectors.


We understand that financial difficulties can interrupt many parts of your home and social life preventing you from focusing on what is most important. Whether it is a failing business, matrimonial action, or personal finances that have put a strain on your financial condition our practice group is experienced in walking you through the process of eliminating that burden in a professional and courteous manner.




Our Business Practice Group specializes in working with emerging growth and startup companies to help them refine their business and provide legal counsel to enable rapid growth. We understand the business realities of starting a company because we are entrepreneurs ourselves. Our unique experience has positioned us to advise hundreds of companies to form and grow their businesses whether their seeking counsel on employment, real estate, IP, venture capital, fundraising, business planning, negotiation, reviewing, drafting, and execution of all business-related agreements.


Our business services include:

  • Incorporation, Organization, and Qualification
  • Capitalization
  • Employment Law Consulting
  • Intellectual Property


Emergency Hotline: (718) 640-8671